To obtain a copy of the 2016 edition, click the following link:

There is a $ 10.00 donation to the Alabama Sheriffs Association for the 2016 publication.

The Alabama Pistol Permit Reference Guide is hands down the most beneficial publication and resource available for anyone who has been issued an Alabama Pistol Permit.

If you possess an Alabama Pistol Permit, it is YOUR responsibility to know the laws and regulations in any state you carry your pistol.  The Alabama Pistol Permit Reference Guide helps you meet this difficult task.


Anyone who has been issued a Pistol Permit and is under 21 years of age is encouraged to get this publication, because it tells you the states in which  you  CANNOT legally carry your pistol.

This is important information for you to know because some states could arrest you if you carry a pistol in their state. 

These states honor Alabama, however, they will not honor the Alabama Pistol Permit from any person under the age of 21.

The 2016 Alabama Pistol Permit Reference Guide will show a Permit Holder the states they can carry their pistol in, and the states they can’t.

The following information is included in this publication:

  • Section 1 – States that honor the Alabama Pistol Permit.  The laws and regulations about carrying in each state.
  • Section 2 – States that don’t honor the Alabama Pistol Permit, and how to transport your pistol in each state.
  • Section 3 – Alabama laws and regulations regarding carrying in Alabama and the Alabama Lethal Force Law
  • In addition, there is also a section that details the proper way to advise a Law Enforcement Officer when you are armed.

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